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Valeting Services

Maintain Your Car

Valeting services are suitable for customers who want their car safely washed and cleaned inside and out to a high standard. These packages include no paint correction therefore the time required is anything from 2 hours up to a full day. These packages can be tailored to the customers requirements with added extras availible. Most of our valeting services here at Pinnacle detailing will need the car to be booked in advance. Cars will need dropping off and recollecting the same day, or if any other arrganements have been made for us to keep the vehicle overnight we can accommodate this before your booking with us.

All of our services use the same high quality products as we do for all our detailing treatments, we also do an inspection after every service to make sure that all of our work meets our high standards and makes you the customer satisfied. The 2 bucket washing method, solves any problem of dirt particales scratching your paint work. One bucket has the soapy hot water for washing the body, and the second bucket has the rinse water for rinsing off the wash mitt. Inside both of the buckets they have both have grit gaurds which help trap dirt particles in the bottom of the bucket reducing the risk of scratching the paint, only soft lambs wool wash mitts are used. When we dry the cars an air blower is used to blow off most of the standing water and blow out any water traps, we then finish the drying process using a plush drying towel.

Pinnacle Valet £120 - £300 + VAT

Time 1 - 1.5 Days

* Snow foam pre wash

* 2 bucket method wash

* Alloys cleaned inside & out 

* Tar removed 

* Arches Cleaned & Dressed 

* Car dried using drying towels 

* Tyres Dressed 

* Door shuts wiped 

* Glass cleaned inside & out 

* Air blower to remove water from gaps

* Detailed interior hoover 

* Interior surfaces cleaned 

* Leather Seats cleaned & conditioned 

* Floor mats shampooed 

* Wet vac fabric seats 

* Hand polish paintwork

* Premium wax applied to paintwork

* Exhaust tips polished 

* Final inspection of the car to make sure it meets our high standards 


Not found a package which suits your needs? We can tailor make one to suit your requirements, doesn't matter is the job is big or small we are more than happy to help. We ideally would need to see the car in person so we can give you an exact quote, but please feel free to fill out our contact form and we can give you a rough price or ring us to discuss your requirements.

01993 775741

All cars featured on this site have been detailed and photographed by Pinnacle Detailing

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