Ceramic Coatings

Why not add Gtechniq as an optional extra to your detailing package. Nano coating technology lasts for longer than traditional waxes and sealants, and has became increasingly popular over the recent years due to its performance and durability.

Paintwork - Alloys - Glass - Interior


Crystal Serum Light & EXO V4

Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Coating 

Price £250 + VAT

* Crystal Serum Light

* Best possible swirl mark and chemical resistance from a prosumer grade product. 

* Incredible gloss

* 3 to 5 years durability

* EXOv4 

* Water and dirt repellency

* Up to 2 years durability  

* Applied over CSL for for the ultimate hydrophobic effect 


C5 Wheel Armour 

* C5 Wheel Armour

* Durability 1-2 years 

* Dirt which requires harsh chemicals to remove can be simply blasted away 

* Easy to wash and maintain

* Dirt and brake dust repellent 

* Ideal on brand new alloys 


£50 + VAT (Rim faces only)

£150 + VAT (Rims removed and all surfaces coated)


* G1 Smart Glass

* Durability 1-2 years

* Improves wet weather visibility 

* Makes ice, bugs, tree sap etc much easier to remove

G1 Smart Glass

Price £50 + VAT

(All exterior glass coated)


I1 Smart Fabric

C6 Matte Dash

L1 Leather Guard

* I1 Smart Fabric

* C6 Matte Dash

* L1 Leather Guard

* Protects your various interior materials, leather, plastics and fabrics

Price £95 + VAT

Total Surface Protection Bundle


£400 + VAT Save £45 (Faces Only)

£475 + VAT Save £70 (Alloys Removed)

Crystal Serum Light & EXO V4

C5 Wheel Armour 

G1 Smart Glass

I1 Smart Fabric

C6 Matte Dash

L1 Leather Guard

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