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Soft Top Cleaning

Clean & Protect

Over time when soft top roofs aren't maintained properly they can start to go green from algae and mould build up which ruins the look of your convertible vehicle. In most cases a thorough clean of the roof will return it back up to standard in cases where the roof colour has deteriorated we can recolour the roof to improve its appearance. Once cleaned you can opt for the roof to be reproofed with Gtechniq Smart Fabric, this product makes the fabric waterproofed therefore meaning water runs off rather than sits on the roof/soaks in.

This service is available as an upgrade to all of our valeting and detailing services we provide 

Price - (Soft top cleaning includes exterior wash) 
Soft Top Cleaning £80 - £200 + VAT
    Soft Top Protection Treatment £50 + VAT




Please contact us for a quote

All cars featured on this site have been detailed and photographed by Pinnacle Detailing

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