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Detailing Packages

Detailing is the in depth process of improving the appearance and finish of a car through different methods. Each time a car is cleaned you will cause micro marks in your paintwork, overtime these get worse and appear as swirls. This is mainly caused by poor wash technique and the use of automated cash washes. Over time contamination builds up the the paint surface this includes tar, iron deposits, tree sap and industrial fallout. This contamination ruins the finish of the surface and can feel rough to the touch. Using specialist products we can remove the contamination giving a smooth finish through the Pinnacle deep clean which takes place prior to the machine polishing elements of our packages. The biggest part of detailing is machine polishing which involves using different combinations of cutting compounds and polishes coupled with selected pads. Prior to all machine polishing we use paint thickness gauges to measure the amount of colour and clear coat on all panels, on average cars have between 110-140 microns, removing just 2-3 microns removes most paint defects. Machine polishing will remove swirl marks, scratches, holograms, oxidation and bird dropping etching. Pinnacle offer our customers a wide range of packages with different percentages of paint correction tailoring to meet all needs. Following paint correction you will clearly see an improved level of gloss and clarity to your paint work, paint correction is not just a luxury but an investment. Paint protection is a key element in maintaining the work carried out by Pinnacle. We can offer premium carnuba waxes, synthetic sealants and also ceramic coatings and paint protection film to cater for all of our customers needs.

Detailing Optional Extras 

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All cars featured on this site have been detailed and photographed by Pinnacle Detailing

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